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Ethiopian Airlines and Awash Bank S.C Co-Branded Debit Card

Ethiopian Airlines and Awash Bank S.C have teamed up to offer you unique Opportunity that enables you earn Bonus miles while using the co-branded debit card at all Awash bank POS terminals. The card is offered by Awash Bank in all its branches.

Earning Miles

As our valued ShebaMiles member, we are offering you the exclusivity of earning extra miles for all your purchase with cobranded debit card. Pay for all your shopping, dining, Travel or any other payments conveniently with the co-branded debit card and receive 6 bonus miles for every 100 Birr spent using the cobranded debit card across Awash bank Merchants.

Where to Apply:

The card is available for application at all Awash Bank Branches.

Crediting the miles earned in to your account:

  • Bonus miles you earn will be credited to your ShebaMiles account with in few days after transaction date hence, you may login to check your Sheba miles statement online.

General Terms and Conditions of the Program

  • Having a ShebaMiles membership account is a pre-requisite to get the card.
  • Applicable to ShebaMiles members who have saving account with Awash Bank.
  • ATM cash withdrawal transactions using the co-branded card are not eligible for mile accruals.
  • Miles earned from this partner will be credited as bonus miles to the member’s account and will not be counted as Status Miles towards tier qualification.
  • The co-brand card is acceptable at Ethiopian Airlines reservations and ticket offices for ticket and travel related payments only if the name on the co-brand card and reservation booking / Ticket/ receipt issued are the same.
  • The full Terms & Conditions of both Ethiopian Airlines and Awash bank apply.
  • Please click https://shebamiles.ethiopianairlines.com/terms-and-conditions for applicable terms and conditions of ShebaMiles.
  • If Awash bank sees evidence of misuse, abuse or suspicious activity, as determined by the bank in its sole discretion, it reserves the right to take action against card holder and cobranded debit card account. This may include, without limitation and without prior notice, stopping you from earning ShebaMiles miles for purchases made with your card, suspending or closing your Awash and ShebaMiles account, refuse to authorize any transaction and advising Ethiopian Airlines of such activity.
  • The activities that may trigger the card abuse include, but are not limited to, application for a new Awash-ShebaMiles card (Cobrand Card) in an attempt to take advantage of a bonus offer that was not intended for you, or for which you are not eligible per the terms of the offer; using your Awash-ShebaMiles card other than for personal, family or friends spending purposes etc…
  • Awash bank may take legal action against you to recover monetary losses, including litigation costs and damages and Ethiopian’s in it’s sole judgment, reserves the right to disqualify a Member from further participation in the ShebaMiles, to cancel all previously accumulated Miles and to seek compensation for Awards utilized.


What is Unique for Awash Bank Cobrand Card?

  • The Bank may offer 200 bonus miles for new enrollment for a customer that open a new account for the cobrand Cards


For more information, please contact the Bank at: 8980


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