Awash Bank has announced the second round of the Tatariwochu/Qaxaleewwan project which encourages job creation

In order to fulfill its corporate social responsibility, Awash Bank has announced that it has designed and implemented a project to encourage entrepreneurs and the young generation and to provide appropriate financial support.On the launching ceremony of the 2nd round of Tatariwochu/Qaxaleewwan entrepreneurship competition, CEO of the Bank, Mr. Tsehay Shiferaw, stated that young ladies […]

Awash Bank unveils new Financial Technology

Awash Bank in partnership with Amref Health Africa has unveiled a new financial technology to modernize savings and credit services.The technology named Saccos Business Solution, will provide basic and intermediate banking services and will also play an important role in accelerating credit and savings services of various unions, strengthening their accessibility and making the sector […]

Awash Bank conducted the 2022/23 Academic Year Annual Management Meeting

Awash Bank conducted the 2022/23 A.Y Annual Management meeting at Ethiopian Skylight Hotel, Addis Ababa on August 4 and 5. Mr. Tsehay Shiferaw, CEO of the Bank, stated on the opening speech that the Bank completed the financial year with outstanding result by following and implementing the strategy it has set to control the crisis […]

Green Legacy of the Employees of Awash Bank and Awash Insurance

Employees of the sister companies, Awash Bank and Awash Insurance, on their 5th round of Green Legacy (አሚንጓዎ አሻራ), have planted 20,000 seedlings at the ICT park in collaboration with Addis Ababa City Administration Bole Sub-City Urban Beautification and Green Development Office on July 8, 2023.

Awash Bank to build 7 Storey branch in Ambo City

Awash Bank, which is known for constructing its own building in Addis Ababa and various regions of the country, has signed an agreement with Mesay Oli Construction Company, a well known and highly experienced contractor, to build a modern seven (7) Storey building with a basement foundation in Ambo City.The construction of the new building […]

Awash Bank is committed to encouraging business innovation

Awash Bank CEO Ato Tsaye Shiferaw said in the closing program, the bank intends to encourage entrepreneurs and provide appropriate financial support in order to fulfill its social responsibility. He said that entrepreneurs who were unable to realize their ideas due to financial problems were given the necessary financial support and skills training. The innovation […]

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