Smallholder farmers

Farmers saving account designed to meet the unique needs of Smallholder Farmers (SHFs) and other actors in the agrarian sector. It is intended to provide SHF (small Holder Farmers) access to the financing they need.

  • The initial deposit to open a Farmers’ Savings Account is Birr 25.
  • The account can be opened in single or jointly.
  • A uniquely designed passbook is provided to the Customer.
  • Customer can use Muday Box to save at their homes.
  • No restriction on deposits and withdrawals

Access to the account can be through Branches, Awash Agents, Mobile (withdrawal tariffs apply), ATM, etc

Loans and Advances for Small Holder Farmers (SHFs)

  • Agricultural Working Capital Term Loans to SHFs
  • These are short term loans designed for customers engaged in various agricultural activities

Eligibility Criteria

  • TO open Farmers' Savings Account
  • Be a resident in Ethiopian at a specifically known address of agriculture or place of residence having resident ID.
  • Must be an agriculturalist/ farmer having own agricultural, if the activity requires so, land or
  • Earns income from agricultural resources, even if having no land.
  • Above 18 years of age

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