Smart Children Account

Some of the benefit

smart child

Attractive account opening gift

The Bank will provide attractive account opening gift deposit for accounts opened at early childhood age (from birth to age eight)

Incentive at key stages

The Bank will provide tangible incentive at key stages in the lifecycle of child's account which directly benefits the child

Special gift certificate

The parent/guardian can provide money through children’s account for the child’s birthday or any other ceremonials. Then, the bank will prepare a special gift certificate

Smart Children Account

It is a saving account with time deposit features.

Targeted Beneficiaries
The account is opened by parents/ guardians for a specific benefit of the children under 18 years of age to deposit money for their future career

Features & Benefits:

  •  It is operated with pass book only
  •  If the customer saves for more than a year the system will calculate   incremental interest rate based on the life cycle of the account (account maintained for 8 years, 14 years, and 18 years)

Smart Children’s account opening procedures and formalities of the Bank will be followed

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