Business Banking

Awash Bank provides highly competitive business solutions and financial advisory services for various successful multinationals and corporate organizations.

As the provider of Commercial Banking Products and Services, the experience and knowledge we acquired over 28 years of business engagement enables us to provide the best possible solutions to our customers’ specific objectives. Our team of banking professionals specializes in solutions and services tailored to meet the financial needs of our diverse business clients. Our financial strength allows us to provide the valuable tools, services, and meaningful benefits our customers need to meet their business’s banking and investment needs. The following are the major business areas of the bank where we can deliver financial services to our customers.


Business Banking is a targeted bank offering that provides special type of tailored solution of banking and financial services having a number of products in bundle to various businesses and markets. Business Banking seeks to meet the financial needs of multiple business sectors such as trade, agriculture and industry, playing an important role in meeting their commercial and economic requirements when establishing, managing and growing their business. It covers several financial functions such as deposits, loans and credit, money transfers, merchant banking facilities, rent payments, foreign exchange transactions and securities trading and the like to fulfill the financial needs of various business sectors.

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