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Awash Bank offers a unique bouquet of innovative products and services that help individuals manage their finances now and in the future. Awash Bank offers its Private banking customers distinct personalized financial services that allow them bank with utmost convenience and exclusivity.

As competition has intensified, and a wide array of new technologies has entered the market, the range of services that fall under the umbrella banking service has also grown and customized beyond the traditional trend.

Personal Banking refers to a wealth of services available to individuals from financial institution. It is a type of banking service and product line offered by banks to retail customers, that is consumers rather than businesses, intermediaries and institutions. Banks offer personal banking products that typically include savings and transaction facilities such as a bank transaction account, debit cards/EFT, an interest bearing floating account (savings account) and a fixed interest deposit account for a specific agreed period (certificates of deposit / term deposit) which can vary according to the bank. In addition it also includes debt facilities such as loans, mortgages and credit cards.

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