Banking Products and Services for Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs)

Some of the benefit

Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs)

Easy requirements:Requirements for MFI to get a loan are simplified and easy to be fulfilled. Reaching a new segment of clients with additional funds Flexible Access funding and repayment arrangement Decrease operating costs of obtaining funds Overcome regulatory constraints of deposit taking Expand its operations and increase profitability Access to expertize

To the Community  

Helps unbanked community to get access to formal financial services Increase income of households and solve unemployment problems. Improves saving cultures and living standard of the community. Helps to eradicate poverty.

Banking products and services for microfinance institutions (MFIs)

Over the past two decades, the microfinance sector in Ethiopia has been expanding its financial services outreaches to meet the needs of the underserved society. Thus, Awash Bank develops to offer new custom-tailored products and services, which are supposed to meet the ever-changing needs of the MFIs industry, after assessing the needs of these institutions. These products and related services include deposit accounts, lending, salary solutions, agency banking partnerships, etc., which can be offered individually or as product packages.

Benefits of the Product to MFIs

  • To the Community
  • Mechanics of MFIs Loan 
  • The rationale for Offering Deposit Products for MFI Clients
Eligible Customers​

Customers for a proposed term loans and related services are Microfinance institutions (MFIs) which are registered and legally operating in Ethiopia.

Forms you’ll need ​

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