Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking

Awash Mobile Wallet

Awash Mobile Wallet is a mobile banking services provided by Awash Bank. It is a very simple and convenient to use mobile banking system. Holder of any mobile device can use the service without internet connection but availability of a mobile network is required. It is cost free or the user is not charged by telecom operator for using the services.

How to Register for Awash Mobile Wallet and Operate Account Using Mobile Device

Any person can register for Awash Mobile Wallet at:

  1. Awash Bank Branches
  2. Awash Bank Agents
  3. You can deposit to your wallet account at any Awash Bank branch or Agent
  4. You can save up to a maximum of ETB 25,000.00 in your wallet account
  5. You can withdraw cash from your mobile wallet up to a maximum of ETB 6,000.00 in a day or 24 hrs from Agents, ATM or even branch.

Logging into Awash Wallet

  • Once registration is completed, SMS will be sent to the customer from Awash Bank SMS gateway confirming registration and containing four digits initial PIN (Personal Identification Number).

Dial *832# to begin

Enter your four digit PIN in the field to continue:

The system forces you to change your initial PIN by new one, and then enter a new PIN that you can remember but similar number like 2222 are not allowed. You need to enter your new PIN twice to confirm.

After changing your PIN, you need to log in with the new PIN. Then the system allows you to the Mobile Wallet System,

There are other sub menus under each of the above main menus, as indicated below:

1. Balance Inquiry

  • Bank Account
  • Wallet Account, based on the number of account linked

2. Mobile Bill

3. Exchange Rate Inquiries

  • Buying Rate
  • Selling Rate

4. Money Transfer        

5. Withdraw Cash

6. Money Send

7. Payments

8. Other Services

  • Mini Statement
  • Full Statement
  • PIN Change
  • Change Language


How to Get Available Services

Operating your account using USSD is quite simple. The steps are listed below in brief.

  • To get services, always dial *832#.
  • Enter your PIN correctly
  • Select service by entering the number corresponding to the services in to the field.
  • You have to complete one service before you proceed to another service.
  • It is advisable to change your PIN at a certain time interval. If you forget your PIN, you need to apply to your branch; you can get a new PIN immediately.


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