Money Transfer Services

Incoming Transfers, Handling incoming money transfers from abroad via International Money transfer agents working with the Bank.

Incoming Transfers refer to receipts of funds from abroad for further credit to our customer account or payment in cash to the customer.

Inward remittances could be sent for different purposed such as, project financing, advance payments for exports, personal remittances, charities, salaries, holiday gifts and so on.

Transfers could be sent through Swift, Personal or Bank Checks and Remittance Service Providers.

Awash Bank handles remittances sent through the following transfer companies.

Money Gram

T & Y

Western Union


X-press Money

EZ Remit


Send exchange


Pay pal

Trans fast


Money Trans

Doha Bank


World Remit

Outgoing Transfer Payment processed to individuals or organizations aboard upon the request of the Bank’s customers. Such transfers are used to effect payment for imports, tuition fees, membership fees, consultancy fees, medical bills, hotel booking, etc. Transfers can be made either through Swift or through Foreign Bank Draft. Foreign exchange permit is required to make outgoing transfers.

Forex Bureau Services
  •  Buying of Foreign Currency (USD, EURO, GBP) cash notes
  •  Selling of Foreign Currency (USD, EURO, GBP) cash notes
  •  Foreign Bank Guarantee
  •  Safe deposit box services at areas where we have buildings
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