Terms and condition for Awash-Lehulum

  •  I agree Awash Bank electronically to process my micro loan through Lehulum Micro-loan application platform
  • If my Credit Application is approved, I agree to receive electronically all disclosures, communications, notices, and other information that the Awash Bank may send to me or be required to send to me under applicable law or otherwise pursuant to the terms and conditions set forth below
  •  Scope of Consent My Electronic Signature Consent applies to any transactions undertaken by me with Awash Bank, or any of our affiliates, assigns, agents or representatives, including use of the Digital Lending Service, any communication from the Awash Bank or its’ representatives or agents to me, including all disclosures, communication, notices, and other information required to be given to me under applicable law, any other information required by law to be provided either before or after my loan is issued, my loan agreement, billing statements, adverse action notices, any updates to my account, in each case, pertaining to any transaction with Awash Bank or any use of the Digital Lending Service whether now or in the future. My consent will remain in effect from the time I initially apply for the Digital Lending Service sites until such time as my account is terminated and, once terminated, will continue until such a time as all disclosures relevant to my account have been provided.
  •  Means of Communication. If my Credit Application is approved, I agree that the Financial Institution may send any disclosures in relation to the resulting loan to me via email to the email address that I have provided to the Financial Institution or via text message to the mobile telephone number that I have provided to the Financial Institution. If applicable, the Financial Institution may also post disclosures to me through any existing internet banking channel I may have with the Financial Institution, or on the Financial Institution’s websites. I agree that the Financial Institution shall not be liable for any loss I may suffer as a result of my failure to receive or read any disclosures sent by the Financial Institution via text message, public website posting or posted to my account and accessible by me through an existing internet banking channel.
  •  Changes to my Contact Information. I agree to keep the Awash Bank informed of any changes in my residence address and mobile phone number so that I can continue to receive all disclosures in a timely fashion. I agree to waive any liability imposed upon the Awash Bank to provide disclosures if I fail to notify the Financial Institution of changes to my residence address and/or mobile phone number.
  •  Legal Effect. My electronic signature consent means that any disclosures shall have the same meaning as if provided in paper form. Any disclosures or other communication sent to me via email or text message shall be deemed delivered once received on my device. By pressing buttons or ticking boxes entitled “Apply”, “Accept and Checkout”, “Submit”, “Confirm”, “Verify”, “I Agree” or similar buttons and boxes indicating my authorization, I am providing my electronic signature with the same effect as if my signature had been provided on paper. I hereby waive any and all defenses I may have to the enforceability of any loan resulting from this Credit Application that are based on the allegation that this Credit Application, any resulting loan agreement, any privacy consents contained therein, or any disclosures were supplied to me, were delivered in electronic form only, or on the allegation that my signature or to the loan agreement was obtained electronically.
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