Awash Bank is committed to encouraging business innovation

Awash Bank CEO Ato Tsaye Shiferaw said in the closing program, the bank intends to encourage entrepreneurs and provide appropriate financial support in order to fulfill its social responsibility. He said that entrepreneurs who were unable to realize their ideas due to financial problems were given the necessary financial support and skills training.

The innovation competition was attended by those from all regions who had innovations but could not implement them due to budget constraints. However, the winners of the competition who met the judges’ screening criteria will be awarded between Birr 100,000.00 to Birr 1000,000.00 according to their rank and unsecured loans of up to Birr 5 million it will be convenient for them.

Deputy President of the Oromia Regional State, Mr. Awolu Abdi, who was the guest of honor at the event, presented certificates and checks for cash prizes to the winners of the bank’s one-year of the “Katelewan” entrepreneurship competition.

Speaking at the recognition and awards ceremony, Mr. Awolu said Awash Bank is fulfilling its social responsibility by spending heavily on innovative people and encouraging their innovation.

The bank’s initiative to encourage innovation is a great example for other institutions like it, he said, adding that the Oromia Regional State government will stand by the bank to provide necessary support on necessary issues.

In addition, the regional government will facilitate production and the place of sale for the youths to present their innovations to the market, he said.

The Bank is founded by visionary intellectuals, it is the oldest and most solidly founded private bank in the country and is the second largest financial institution in the country after the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia he has raised.

Speaking on behalf of the “Qetelewan” innovation contestants, Tsagaye Tasfaye thanked Awash Bank for facilitating this opportunity and said that the “Qetelewan” innovation association was established to further develop the innovation in the youth. He said the winners of the competition should work hard to achieve the objectives of the program.

Certificates were awarded to organizations and individuals who supported and accomplished their mission for the success of the program.

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