Winners of Qaxaleewwan entrepreneurship competition received their prizes

Qaxaleewwan (Katalewan) is an entrepreneurship competition, which is part of corporate social responsibility launched in May, 2022 by a leading private Ethiopian Bank, Awash Bank. At the beginning more than 7000 participants get registered from across the country on the 1st round. After comprehensive investigation of the participants’ project by highly qualified and experienced judges selected from higher institution instructors and researchers more than 1200 participants passed to the 2nd round. The winners of this round get the training delivered in all regions and the two city administrations in 26 training centers identified by First Consult, a consultant recruited by Awash Bank to handle the entrepreneur competition. The third and the final round of competition, which only consists of 133 participants, was quite fiercely competitive, supported by proto type, and aired on peoples’ voice, OBN for several weeks in 8 episodes.

Of this participants, 14 of them awarded money and certificate as an incentive. As the bank launched this program to help entrepreneurs, by the judgement of the judges Awash Bank awarded top 6 a unique award: – 1st rank-1 Million ETB, 2nd rank-700 Thousand ETB, 3rd rank-500 Thousand ETB, 4th rank-300 Thousand ETB, 5th rank-200 Thousand ETB, and 6th rank-100 Thousand ETB. On top of this, based on their projects they will be allowed to have up to Five Million ETB loan without a collateral.

Mr. Tsehay Shiferaw, CEO of the bank, stated on their opening speech of the closing ceremony held at Ethiopian Skylight Hotel that Awash Bank will keep the project running in the future as part of corporate social responsibility and the bank will expect financial breaking news by next year from the winners. Additionally, Mr. Tsehay informed the winners to use the money wisely and return it on time and get benefited as the amount of money increases steadily based on loan return.

Mr. Awalu Abdi, Vice President of Oromiya Regional State and guest of honor, on the closing speech of the ceremony said that Awash Bank is really contributing lions share to the development of the country. Mr. Awalu added that the Qaxaleewwan/Katalewan project is organized by Qaxalee/Katale by itself and to catalyst the Ethiopian economy our country need to have many banks like Awash Bank. Not only this, Mr. vice president added that the government is working hard to help entrepreneurs who have idea and knowledge but no money and working places. In addition to this, as the Bank is contributing its part in the development of the country, the government will stand by the bank and support as needed said Mr. Awalu. At last, Mr. Awalu promised to facilitate working and selling places to the winners on behalf of Oromiya Regional State President. On the closing ceremony higher government officials and invited guests were presented.

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