Awash Bank handed over the 10th round of the save to Awash, take from Awash lottery program to its customers!

The prize categories for the 10th round of the program divided in to four categories and the first prize of the lottery is a modern Suzuki Dzire house car with lottery number 00021413447 and it goes to Mr. Tasloch Kwang Bel with a lottery number given to him when he receives services at the new land branch in Gambella. Similarly, in the 2nd draw (three lotteries) each of them a three wheeler car (Bajaj) including a 43 inch LED Television and several modern mobile phones were handed over to the winners. The lottery program organized by Awash Bank is aimed at promoting the savings culture at the community and creating awareness among the community to have a better standard of living. It is also mentioned that it is very useful to help the efforts made to bring foreign exchange in to the country legally and use it for the development of our country, Ethiopia.

Apr 17, 2024 EXCHANGE Rate
Currency Buying Selling
56.7914 57.9272
67.5127 68.8630
60.3636 61.5709
13.9945 14.2744
13.7012 13.9752
59.3909 60.5787

Exchange Rate