Tatariwochu/Qaxaleewwan winners received their prizes

Awash Bank has provided business training to many youth on the Tatariwochu/Qaxaleewwan project which is believed to play a major role in solving the unemployment problem in our country. The competitors presented their work supported by proto-type and fiercely competed in the competition which was aired on Fana Broadcasting Corporation and Oromia Broadcasting Network for eight consecutive weeks. Then as per the decision of the judges, the Bank awarded top five winners of the competition a cash prizes: – 1st rank – ETB One Million (1,000,000.00) , 2nd rank – ETB Seven Hundred Thousand (700,000.00), 3rd rank – ETB Five Hundred Thousand (500,000.00), 4th rank – ETB Three Hundred Thousand (Three Hundred Thousand) and 5th rank – ETB Two Hundred Thousand (200,000.00). On top of this, based on their projects they will be allowed to have up to Five Million ETB collateral free loan.
Mr. Tsehay Shiferaw, CEO of the Bank, stated on the opening speech of the closing ceremony held at Ethiopian Skylight Hotel that the competition will keep going forward as part of corporate social responsibility. Lastly, higher government officials and invited guests were presented on the occasion.

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