Customer Service and Operations Manager I

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Qualification & Experience:

BA Degree in Accounting, Management, Marketing & Economics plus a minimum of 6 years’ experience with at least 3 years at operational work.

Job Summary:

The jobholder is responsible for managing the customer service function at the Branch and ensure operational excellence to deliver exemplary services for high customer satisfaction levels supporting the Bank’s growth.

Place of Work:

  1. Branches under North Region (V.No HO/00597/24)

(Shire, Aksum, Adwa, Wukro, Adigrat, Adi-Gudem, Atsbi, Endaba-Guna, Firewoini, Hawzen, Adishihu, Hagere-Selam, Agulai, Enticho, Rama, Selehleha, Adi-Dairo, Shiraro & Korem Branches)                       

  1. Branches under Adama Region (V.No HO/00598/24)

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